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She's Roxanne!
Introductory Video

Kids' Feedback Form

Dear Young Person:
Thank you for watching the She's Roxanne! video and giving me your opinions. Your help is very important to me and I hope you will give me your most thoughtful responses.

Thank you!
Adrienne Maslin (Dog Mom to Roxanne)
1. Did you like the video?
3. What did you like best about the video?
4. Which dharacter was your favorite?
5. If She's Roxanne! were a 20-30 minute TV show, would you watch it?
7. After you finished watching the video, how did you feel? (You may check as many as you felt.)

Thank you so much for your help!!

I will contact your parents to get you your $5 coupon for Ben & Jerry's.

Parent and Teacher Feedback Form
Dear Parents and Teachers,
Thank you for helping me with this project. The purpose of this project is to help young kids become more familiar with life skills and social issues so they will be better prepared to enter college and adulthood. In order to know if this series is worth developing, it is important I obtain feedback from the parents and teachers of potential viewers. Below are some questions that I hope you will answer for me. Your responses will remain anonymous. I greatly appreciate your help.
Adrienne Leinwand Maslin (Dog Mom to Roxanne)
1. Overall, do you think She's Roxanne! and the concept behind it are worthwhile?
2. Do you think She's Roxanne! would nicely supplement what your child learns/what you teach in the classroom?
3. Below is a sample list of topics I plan to address in She's Roxanne! Please check those topics that you would NOT want your child to view as part of this series.
6. Is She's Roxanne! a show you might want to watch with your child/students and then discuss?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You have been very helpful to me and I greatly appreciate your participation.

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