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Adrienne Leinwand Maslin

Founder and CEO

Front Seat Dog Productions


Education has the power to change lives, but students must be ready!

Helping students achieve their dreams is my passion and is the reason I spent the first 45 years of my career on college and university campuses working with both traditional and non-traditional students. What that experience taught me is that too many students come to higher education, or assume adult roles in jobs and in relationships, socially, emotionally, and academically unprepared for what is before them. With that reality as my motivation, my dedication to student and personal success in college and in life has brought me to the next phase of my career.


Through the medium of video animation, the She’s Roxanne! project will focus on 8–11 year-olds—providing them the opportunity to acquire critical life skills and become familiar with important social issues to help ease their transition through their education and into adulthood.


The She’s Roxanne! “faculty” are an eclectic crew of hounds, pups & pals…society’s best friends…caring, friendly pooches. They represent what is good and pure in the world and they help children and adults learn about loyalty and friendship, deal with loneliness, and contemplate human behavior. Children understand this, even if they are not yet able to articulate these sentiments. Roxanne and her pals are the perfect vehicle to convey important concepts such as college-going, hazing, smoking and vaping, or accepting a transgender friend to a young audience.


Barbara Carroll Rogers

Script Consultant

ELE Animations


It is the premise of She’s Roxanne! that intrigued me! Can a dog who is sassy, precocious, loving, and oh yes, a bit of a drama queen connect with and inspire 8-13 year-olds? The more I considered it the more I was convinced…Roxanne can! 

In my professional career as script coordinator for primetime and cable sitcoms as well as my years as a college instructor, I met so many young adults and students who were struggling to adapt to a changing social environment, to increasing expectations, and to new relationships. This anxiety makes life so much more complicated for young  people.

She’s Roxanne! targets that younger audience, before they reach the critical high school years. Just as our “best friends” teach us how to trust, live in the moment, and overcome fear with love, Roxanne and her pals at Bark Palace School will provide our young viewers entertaining and educational life lessons to navigate the changing world they are entering. 


Through laughter, tears, magic, a few practical jokes and thoughtful understanding, She’s Roxanne! will offer our youthful audience (and perhaps their parents) a path to personal success and social acceptance in their rapidly changing environment.


ELE Animations is a young, rapidly growing animation production house based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.  Its ever-evolving team of animators, art directors, artists, and technologists bring to the table a wealth of experience gained in some of the best animation films, art institutes, and studios across India. And its network of voice, music, and design talent complements their pool of resources. Durga Prasad, the creative head of ELE Animations, studied at Vikram Dev College, Jeypore, Odisha, India.


Understanding and visualizing the client's idea and executing it as closely as possible to their vision has been the motto of ELE Animations. ELE Animations takes pride in their work and they are fortunate to have clients all around the world.

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